metal marathon 2000 - soitetut biisit

  1. Abhorrence Caught in a Vortex
  2. Slayer Angel of Death
  3. Grave Into the Grave
  4. Sodom Agent Orange
  5. Sod Seasoning the Obese
  6. Assück Salt Mine
  7. Sepultura Slaves of Pain
  8. Stone Stone Cold Soul
  9. Disrupt Religion Is a Fraud
  10. Winter Servants of the Warsmen
  11. Black Sabbath Electric Funeral (live)
  12. Black Sabbath War Pigs (live)
  13. Soulfly Eye for an Eye
  14. Crowbar Conquering
  15. Ulver I troldskog faren vild
  16. Testament Reign of Terror (live)
  17. Saints of Eden Technochrist
  18. Acid Reign Creative Restraint
  19. Aeturnus As I March
  20. Slovakia demo
  21. Dimmu Borgir Antikrist
  22. Paradise Lost As I Die
  23. Blind Guardian Time what is time
  24. Poison Slades of the Crucifix
  25. Avulsed Powered Fish
  26. Iron Maiden The Trooper
  27. Limbonic Art Beneath the Burial Surface
  28. Black Sabbath Paranoid
  29. In Flames The Jester Race
  30. Machine Head The Sweat, The Blood and The Tears
  31. Dismember of fire
  32. Rammstein Das Model
  33. Ulver Plates 21-22
  34. Sepultura Troops of doom
  35. Timo Rautiainen ja Trio Niskalaukaus Viimeinen Päivä Taivaan
  36. Devil Doll The Girl Who Was Death
  37. Dio Fever Dreams
  38. Uriah Heep July Morning
  39. Machine Heads Message in a Bottle
  40. Eläkeläiset Humpparaakki
  41. Otyg Holy Diver
  42. Dio Holy Diver
  43. Megadeth Take No Prisoners
  44. Teletubbies Teletubbies Say Eh-Oh
  45. Slayer War Ensemble
  46. Deicide Once upon the Cross
  47. Anthrax Aftershock
  48. Cradle of Filth Bathory Aria
  49. Old Man's Child God of Impiety
  50. Deceased Cemetary's Full,
  51. Anal Cunt The Internet Is Gay
  52. Anathema ...And I Lust
  53. Anal Cunt The Technology Is Gay
  54. Impaled Nazarene I Am the Killer of Trolls
  55. Therion The Return
  56. Autumn Tears Black Heaven
  57. Autumn Tears So sweet... the tears
  58. Natsipaska Hevimies
  59. Devil Doll Theme from Prisoner
  60. Kmfdm Anarchy
  61. Giant Robot Helsinki Rock City
  62. Black Sabbath Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
  63. Kreator Extreme Aggressions
  64. Gloomy Grim Say Just Words
  65. Talvin Singh OK
  66. In Flames Episode 666
  67. Impetigo DIS-ORGAN-IZED
  68. Impetigo Bloody Pit of Horror
  69. Manowar Black Wind, Fire and Steel
  70. Edge of Sanity Blood of my Enemies
  71. Bathory Gods of Thunder, of Wind and of Rain
  72. Morgana Lefay Soldiers of the Holy Empire
  73. Metalucifer Heavy Metal is my Way
  74. Bloodhound Gang Your only Friends are Make Believe
  75. Karl Orf O, Fortuna
  76. Ozzy Osbourne No More Tears
  77. Metallica Stone Cold Crazy (Live)
  78. Horror Of Horrors Cursed
  79. Pantera Fucking Hostile
  80. Edward Grieg In the hall of the mountain king
  81. Korn Twist 48 sec.
  82. Paradise Lost Once Solemn
  83. Candlemass Bröllop på Hulda Johanssons Pensionat
  84. Candlemass Tjo och Tjim och Inget Annat
  85. Hedningarna Drafur och Gildur
  86. Finntroll Rivfader
  87. Stand-up-komediaa, written by Larry Miller (esittäjänä teknoäijä)
  88. Running Wild Fight the fire of hate
  89. Stratovarius Witch-hunt
  90. Sentenced Keep my grave open
  91. Funeral Jacket Peace of heart
  92. The Gathering Nighttime birds
  93. Moonspell Opium
  94. Marilyn Manson Tourniquet
  95. Sepultura Desperate Cry
  96. Paradise Lost True Belief
  97. Alivaltiosihteeri Tampereelle
  98. Paradise Lost Christendom
  99. Slayer Altar of Sacrifice
  100. Freud, Marx, Engels & Jung Metsän poika
  101. Eläkeläiset Vanhamiljonäärihumppa
  102. Metallica Master of Puppets (live)
  103. Manowar Kings of Metal
  104. Tristania Angina
  105. Riivaaja Kolmas valtakunta
  106. St. Mucus Cannot Feel
  107. World of Silence Strawberry Fields Forever
  108. Ozzy Osbourne My Jekyll Doesn't Hide
  109. Ozzy Osbourne Suicide Note No 1
  110. Ozzy Osbourne Suicide Note No 2
  111. Impaled Nazarene Vitutuksen multihuipentuma
  112. Pantera Suicide Note Pt 1
  113. Pantera Suicide Note Pt 2
  114. Kmfdm Sucks
  115. Sentenced Moose
  116. Malevolent Creation Raining Blood
  117. Oxiplegatz 20
  118. Korn Adidas
  119. Lost in Twilight To Forgive
  120. Allegiance The Marsch of Warlike Damned
  121. Ulver Nattans Madrigal (2.)
  122. Arsedestroyer #3
  123. Scrawl 100 Doors
  124. Suffocation Synthetically Revived
  125. Salem Children Don't Fight
  126. Crisis working out the graves
  127. Autopsy Gasping for air
  128. Testament Disciples of the watch
  129. Terrorizer Dead shall rise
  130. Liers In Wait Angel of death
  131. Disaffected Seasons in the abyss
  132. Cathedral Mourning of a New Day
  133. Selestial Season Solar Child
  134. Black Sabbath Paranoid live
  135. Buckethead Jump man
  136. Ozzy Osbourne Hellraiser
  137. Anthrax Got the time
  138. Whitesnake Kittens got claws
  139. Kiss Detroit rock city
  140. Metallica Battery (live)
  141. Horror Of Horrors Bleed with us
  142. Killing Addiction Necrosphere
  143. Kreator Some pain will last
  144. Creamface Princessa
  145. Melt-Banana Scratch or Stitch!
  146. Burzum Dunkelheit
  147. Morbid Angel Chapel of Ghouls
  148. Lid LID
  149. Macabre Serial Killer
  150. The Dillinger Escape Plan Sandbox Magician
  151. Death Zombie Ritual
  152. Crown Of Thorns Mandatory Suicide
  153. ...And Oceans Trollfan
  154. Vondur Dreptu Allur
  155. Beherit Nocturnal Evil
  156. Mysticum Where the Raven Flies
  157. Mörk Gryning Journey
  158. Ancient Trolltaar
  159. Pentagram Sign of the Wolf
  160. Emperor Into the Infinity of Thoughts
  161. Sacred Reich War Pigs
  162. Uriah Heep Magician's Birthday
  163. Frank Zappa My guitar wants to kill your mama
  164. Y.U.P. Sikamusiikkia
  165. Nine Inch Nails Dead souls
  166. Manowar Carry On
  167. Machine Head Blood for Blood
  168. Black Label Society Batch of Lies
  169. Lost in Twilight Winter's Son
  170. Anthrax Fueled
  171. Cure Burn
  172. Sacred Reich Ignorance
  173. Entombed Left Hand Path
  174. Dismember In Death's Sleep
  175. Necrophagia Enbalmed Yet I Breathe
  176. Carrier Flux Let It Rain
  177. Lawnmower Deth Kids in America
  178. Orange Goblin The Manhood Invented Time
  179. Iron Monkey Bad Year
  180. Eyehategod My Name Is God I Hate You
  181. Dimmu Borgir Reptile
  182. Slayer Bitter Peace
  183. Soundgarden Come Together
  184. Blanket Not a terrific Organization
  185. Ruumiinvittu Those Born to Roam the Shadows
  186. Slipknot Spit It Out
  187. Anthrax Cromatic Death
  188. Children Of Bodom Downfall
  189. Misfits Die Die My Darling
  190. Rage against the machine darkness
  191. Biohazard after forever
  192. Discordance Axis Aperture of Pinholes
  193. Mortician Mortician
  194. Diabolos Rising Give me Blood or Give me Death
  195. Children of Bodom Warheart
  196. Disgorge Deranged Epidemic
  197. Eläkeläiset Sorvarin Humppa
  198. The lord weird slough feg 20th century wretch
  199. Nightingale nightfall overture
  200. Sopor Aeturnus dio narap
  201. Mr. Bungle My ass is on fire
  202. Children of Bodom No Commands
  203. Babylon whores Hand of glory
  204. Monumentum Fade to Grey
  205. In Extremo Spelmannsflucht
  206. Magenta Backstabbernation
  207. The Gathering In Power We Entrust The Love Advocated
  208. Mayhem Deathcrush
  209. Decoryah Circle Immortality
  210. Lullaby My Master Lucifer
  211. Satyricon Mother North
  212. Plan E My Skeleton
  213. Mayhem Chainsaw gutsfuck
  214. Emperor Thus spake the nightspirit
  215. Infestdead The desecration of christ
  216. Giant Robot Petro's Bells
  217. Bal-Sagoth sankarimetallia
  218. Borknagar The presence in ominous
  219. Nuclear Assault Stranded in hell
  220. Body Count Born dead
  221. Sacred Reich The american way
  222. Pantera Walk
  223. Paradise Lost Christendom
  224. Amorphis The gathering
  225. Dark Tranquillity My friend of misery
  226. Metallica Motorbreath
  227. Sentenced War ain't over
  228. Anthrax Protest and Survive
  229. Megadeth Peace sells
  230. Liers in wait Overlord
  231. Regurgitate bleeding peptic ulcer
  232. Impaled feces of death
  233. Sepultura Refuse/Resist
  234. Gore Beyond Necropsy Dead dog idolization
  235. Falkenbach ...when gjallarhorn will sound
  236. Rage against the machine Bullet in the head
  237. Paradise lost Gothic
  238. Corrosion of conformity loss for words
  239. Kummeli Hän-mies
  240. Nine Inch Nails Closer
  241. Sepultura Infected Voice
  242. Kiss the oath
  243. Led Zeppelin The battle of evermore
  244. Deep Purple Smoke on the water
  245. Iron Maiden Infinite Dreams
  246. E.C.T. Satan Rock Anthem
  247. Xysma Millionaire
  248. Type O Negative My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
  249. Testament Into the pit
  250. Sentenced Noose
  251. Carcass Keep on rotting in the free world
  252. Deicide When Satan rules his world
  253. Therion Clavicula Nox
  254. Queensryche Revolution Calling
  255. Riivaaja Lento 666 Helvettiin
  256. Ozzy Osbourne Shot in the Dark
  257. Machine Head Ten Ton Hammer
  258. Korn Adidas
  259. Cannibal Corpse Hammer Smashed Face
  260. Cannibal Corpse I Cum Blood
  261. Forbidden Turns to Rage
  262. Itä-Saksa Corn Boys
  263. Tiamat Brighter than the Sun
  264. Borknagar Ad Noctum
  265. Jimi Hendrix Manic Depression
  266. Nin The perfect drug
  267. Soundcheck........ jotain.
  268. Leningrad Cowboys Marchin'
  269. Stone Stonecold
  270. Nightbride live gig.
  271. Exodus Fabulous Disaster
  272. Nuclear Assault Critical mass
  273. Gorefest Get a life
  274. Danzig Brand new God
  275. T.S.O.L. Abolish government
  276. T.S.O.L. Silent majority
  277. T.S.O.L. Superficial love
  278. Alivaltiosihteeri Maataloustuloratkaisu (live in Karvia)
  279. King Diamond The invisible guests
  280. Kainin Lapset Hopeasarvi
  281. Slayer Guilty of being white
  282. Gloomy Grim Say just words
  283. Mussorgski New York - Miami
  284. Y.U.P. Saatana meni korvasta sisään
  285. Black Sabbath Iron man
  286. Cemetary Sundown
  287. Angelcorpse Phallelujah
  288. Flotsam & Jetsam Hammerhead
  289. Pan.Thy.Monium Jag & Vem
  290. Timo Rautiainen ja Trio Niskalaukaus Rajaton rakkaus
  291. Agathocles Mutilated Regurgitator
  292. Metallica Blackened
  293. Black Label Society Low down
  294. Black Sabbath Black sabbath
  295. Black Sabbath Hand of doom
  296. Stratovarius Black diamond
  297. Blue Öyster Cult Cities on flame...
  298. Motörhead Orgasmatron
  299. Nightbride note 6
  300. Frank Bertoni an der Hammondorgel mit seiner rhythmmusgruppe Paranoid
  301. Slipknot Prosthetics
  302. Nine Inch Nails March of the pigs
  303. Kreator Flag of hate
  304. Pantera The badge
  305. Testament Sails of Charon
  306. Waltari Prime time
  307. Konkhra Heaven send
  308. Stone No commands
  309. Scorpions The scorpions
  310. Focus Hocus pocus
  311. Dio Rainbow in the dark
  312. Xentrix Questions
  313. Nin Starfuckers inc.
  314. AC/DC Highway to hell
  315. Paradise Lost Elusive Cure
  316. Metallica ...and justice for all
  317. Danzig Mother (joku arse veti koneen kiinni saatana)
  318. Summoning like come snow = white marble eyes
  319. Repulsion The Stench of Burningd Death
  320. Rot No will to change
  321. Napalm death Uncertainty blurs the vision
  322. Eruption Straight to total trendmassacre
  323. Y.U.P. Paratiisin sahakielet
  324. King Diamond Twilight symphony
  325. Babylon Whores errata stigmata
  326. Bethlehem Aphel - Die schwarze schlange
  327. Gloomy Grim War
  328. Mayhem Life eternal
  329. Edguy Fairytale
  330. Satyricon Havoc vulture
  331. Eternal tears of sorrow Burning flames embraze
  332. Rhapsody Flames of revenge
  333. Megadeth Symphony of Destruction
  334. Cmx Kaikki nämä kädet
  335. Edge of Sanity Black Tears
  336. Arcturus The Chaos Path
  337. Sepultura Arise
  338. Deicide Blame it on God
  339. Finntroll Blodnatt
  340. Kiss God of Thunder
  341. Pestilence Out of the Body
  342. Gramary When the shadows elicit the night
  343. Deep Red all will see rebirth
  344. Dauntless Traces of genocide
  345. Zenigeva Dead sun rising
  346. Lullacry Sweet Desire
  347. The Kovenant Sindrom
  348. Cruachan To Invoke the Horned God
  349. Nuclear Assault Mother's Day (live)
  350. Baphomet Leave The Flesh
  351. Virgin Steele Defiance
  352. Cripple Bastards Polizia, una razza da estinguere
  353. Barathrum Last Day in Heaven
  354. Pungent Stench Viva la Muerte
  355. Gehenna Shairak Kinnummh
  356. Darkthrone In the Shadow of the Horns
  357. The Gathering In Motion #2
  358. Fetish 69 Hyperventilator
  359. Harvester. of Death Sexual Orientation of Cartoons
  360. Terrance and Phillip Uncle Fucker
  361. Lost in Twilight Diamonds in the Dust
  362. Suicidal Tendencies Hearing Voices
  363. Sentenced Broken
  364. Black Sabbath Zero the Hero
  365. Moonspell Alma Mater
  366. Candlemass Samarithan
  367. Type O Negative My Girlfriend's Girlfriend
  368. Forlorn Aerefull Ferd
  369. Ozzy Osbourne Crazy Train
  370. Widowmaker Emaheevul
  371. The Bloodhound Gang Fire Water Burn
  372. The Kovenant Spaceman
  373. Pantera Hollow
  374. Forbidden Hypnotized by the Rhythm
  375. Grin Logistics of Fear
  376. Rainbow Gates of babylon
  377. Running Wild Victory
  378. The Helsinki University Chorus The Myth of Sampo, part III
  379. Sabbat A cautonary tale
  380. Siebenbürgen vampyria
  381. Judas Priest Breaking the law
  382. Impaled Nazarene Total war winter war
  383. Children of Bodom Bed of Razors
  384. Ulver Plates 5-6
  385. Ulver Plate 11
  386. Tenhi Hallavedet
  387. Emperor The loss and curse of reverence
  388. Theatre of Tragedy And when He falleth
  389. Sentenced The Way I Wanna Go
  390. Immortal Unholy Forces of Evil
  391. Manowar Defender
  392. Gamma Ray Gardens of the Sinner
  393. Dark Tranquillity Lethe
  394. Virgin Steele Invictus
  395. Bathory Ace of Spades
  396. Clubber Lang & The Heavyweights Heaven Is a Place on Earth
  397. Tuntematon Artisti Här kommer Pippi Långstrump
  398. Y.U.P. Keitto-ruoka
  399. Mikropuhe Hoosianna
  400. Megadeth Paranoid
  401. Corporal Punishment It's a Sin
  402. Grin Aureole
  403. Soulquake System Firestarter
  404. Flutter My Nocturne
  405. Megadeth Breakpoint
  406. Obituary Cause of Death
  407. In extremo I wish lo lo
  408. Daemonarch Saniyaza
  409. Pantera Cowboys from hell
  410. Therion Via Nocturna (part 1 and 2)
  411. Edge of sanity Sacrified
  412. Solefald Philosophical revolt
  413. Hedningarna Veli
  414. Saturnus Christ Goodbye
  415. Tiamat Four Leary Biscuits
  416. Babylon Whores Sol niger
  417. Emperor An elegy of icaros
  418. Forbidden Over the middle
  419. In Flames Jotun
  420. Daemonarch Eirenarch
  421. Twisted Sister We´re not gonna take it
  422. The Kovenant Mirrors Paradise
  423. Esoteric Psychotropic Transgression
  424. Lacrimosa Alleine zu welt
  425. Lacuna Coil Circle
  426. Borknagar The black token
  427. Tuntematon Artisti One last goodbye
  428. Xysma On the hill of desecration
  429. Monstrosity Final cremation
  430. Incantation Eternal torture
  431. Deicide Sacrificial suicide
  432. Cannibal Corpse Edible autopsy
  433. Massacre Corpsegrinder
  434. Solitude Aeturnus Destiny falls to ruin
  435. Eterne The Crawling Chaos
  436. Godsend Slaydream
  437. Slayer Hell Awaits(live)
  438. Limbonic Art A Demonoid Virtue
  439. Golden Dawn Sub Specie Aeternitatis
  440. Clandestine Blaze Children Of God
  441. Masacre Brutales Masacres
  442. Airdash Thank God It's Monday
  443. Death Angel The Organization
  444. Kreator When The Sun Burns Red
  445. Godflesh Like Rats
  446. Catasexual Urge Motivation Hate From The Womb
  447. Nasum Du är bevakad
  448. Atrocity Deep In Your Subconscious
  449. Manowar Power Of Thy Sword
  450. Gordian Knot Singularity
  451. Stone No Commands
  452. Deep Purple Highway Star
  453. Deep Purple Into the fire
  454. Deep Purple Fools
  455. Rainbow Kill the king (live)
  456. Rainbow Stargazer
  457. Black Sabbath Heaven and hell
  458. Dio Don't talk to strangers
  459. Dio Losing my insanity
  460. Iron Maiden Killers
  461. Iron Maiden Powerslave
  462. Uriah Heep Look at yourself
  463. Nazareth Razamanaz
  464. Motörhead Killed by death
  465. Dimmu Borgir Mourning palace
  466. Grog Rotting grave (live)
  467. Bathory In nomine satanas
  468. Bathory The lake
  469. Arcturus Fall of Man
  470. Elend Du trëfonds des tënëbres
  471. Helloween Perfect Gentleman
  472. Scanner The Law
  473. Human Remains Rote
  474. Haemorrhage Torrent Like Eventeration
  475. Atrocity Contamination
  476. Def Master Thoughts Distorted
  477. The Gathering The Earth Is My Witness
  478. Dead Infection Autophagia
  479. Blood Duster Givin' Stiff to the Stiff
  480. Disharmony Orchestra Quintessentially Unnecessary Institution
  481. Nile Serpent Headed Mask
  482. Dying Fetus Judgement Day
  483. Deicide Lunatic of God's Creation
  484. Napalm Death You Suffer
  485. Napalm Death Instinct of Survival
  486. Arsedestroyer 1
  487. Anal Cunt You Got No Friends
  488. Nasum Digging In
  489. Discordance Axis Vertigo Index
  490. Creamface Deep Throat Fuck
  491. Mortician Blown to Pieces
  492. Repulsion Splattered Cadavers
  493. Assück Dataclast
  494. Gore Beyond Necropsy Horrendous Nazi Infection
  495. Agathoth The Accident
  496. Rot Dear Sorry!
  497. Regurgitate Intro (The Act of Intestinal Regurgitation)
  498. Cripple Bastards Without the Shadow of Justice
  499. Genotapit Keikka
  500. Type O Negative Paranoid
  501. Dissection Where Dead Angels Lie
  502. Grotesque Incantation
  503. At the Gates Kingdom Gone
  504. Therion O Fortuna
  505. Gordian Knot Code/Anticode
  506. Soulfly First Commandment
  507. Summoning Long Lost To Where No Pathway Goes
  508. Corpus Omni Domini Drowned
  509. Ozzy Osbourne Mr Crowley
  510. Fall of the Leafe The Celestial Keeper
  511. Rotting Christ The Old Coffin Spirit
  512. Marilyn Manson Irresponsible Hate Anthem
  513. Helmet Unsung
  514. Tiamat Mountain of Doom
  515. Bolt Thrower Psychological Warfair
  516. Bolt Thrower World Eater
  517. Carcass Genital Grinder
  518. Carcass Regurgitation of Giblets
  519. Mercyful Fate Egypt
  520. Carcass Reek of Putrefaction
  521. Grin Cloud 9
  522. Cathedral Midnight Mountain
  523. Motörhead Eat the Gun
  524. Road Crew Bullshit
  525. Pitch Shifter Diable
  526. Deviated Instinct Delirium Carnival
  527. In Flames Stand Ablaze
  528. Dark Tranquillity A Bolt of Blazing Ball
  529. Benediction Jumping at Shadows
  530. Old Man's Child Demoniacal Possession
  531. Road Crew Stayin' Alive
  532. Impaled Nazarene Delirium Tremens
  533. Revenant Prophecy of a Dying World
  534. Ancient Rites Obscurity Reigns(Fields of Flanders)
  535. Demigod Dead Soul
  536. Exit-13 My Mind's Mine!
  537. Nocturnus Aquatica
  538. Grave In Love
  539. Celtic Frost Mesmerized
  540. Machine Head Davidian
  541. Disembowelment Cerulean Transience of All My Imagined Shores
  542. My Dying Bride Symphonaire Infernus Et Spera Empyrium
  543. Pyogenesis Still Burning Fire
  544. Coroner R.I.P.
  545. Upside down cross Kill for satan
  546. Ennio Morricone Extacy of the Gold
  547. Accept Metal Heart
  548. Him Join me ja Valon haastattelu livenä
  549. Him Join me toiseen kertaan.
  550. Kartilage Ether Depression
  551. Prohecy of Doom Earth reality victim
  552. Dystopia Ruptured silence
  553. Ember This darkened wind
  554. Primus Tommy the cat
  555. Tiamat Church of Tiamat
  556. Dismember Let the Napalm Rain
  557. Incubus On the Burial Ground
  558. Dissection Retribution - Strom of the Light's bane
  559. Cavity Damaged IV
  560. Skepticism Sign of a Storm
  561. Mercyful Fate Return of the vampire
  562. Cannibal Corpse Gallery of Suicide
  563. Blasphemy Blasphemy
  564. Primus Harold of the rocks
  565. Morbid Angel Lord of all fevers & plague
  566. Metalucifer Heavy metal hunter
  567. W.A.S.P I wanna be somebody
  568. Unleashead Into glory ride
  569. Emperor I am the black wizards
  570. Impaled Nazarene Masterbator
  571. Rautasaha Oppi kaatoi ojaan
  572. Death Crystal Mountain
  573. Ulver Nattens Madrigal
  574. Paradise Lost Rotting Misery
  575. Death Angel Seemingly endless time
  576. Deviated instinct Scarecrow
  577. Voivod Killing technology
  578. Sentenced Awaiting the winter frost
  579. Black Sabbath The Mob rules
  580. Cronos Fantasia
  581. Morgoth Exit to temptation
  582. Hirax Demons-Evil Forces
  583. Gorefest State of mind
  584. Kreator Pleasure to Kill
  585. Suffocation Human Waste
  586. Judas Priest Rocka Rolla
  587. Atrocity Patricide
  588. Demilich The Sixteenth Six-tooth Son of Fourteen Four-Regional Dimensions (Still unnamed)
  589. Possessed Seven Churches
  590. Death Evil Dead
  591. Lenin You Fell in Battle
  592. Cannibal Corpse Buried in the Back Yard
  593. Mercyful Fate Thirteen Invitations
  594. Scrawl Palm
  595. Terrorizer Fear of Napalm
  596. Loudness Thousand Eyes
  597. Autopsy Severed Survival
  598. Avulsed Addicted to Red Bull
  599. Suicidal Tendencies Trip at the Train
  600. Eläkeläiset Hullun jenkka
  601. Whitesnake Walking in the Shadow of the Blues
  602. Cathedral Ebony Tears
  603. Napalm Death The Kill
  604. Deathcore Spontaneous Combustion
  605. Seven minutes of nausea Rhetoric soundbits
  606. Seven minutes of nausea Ming Ming
  607. Seven minutes of nausea Hole
  608. Seven minutes of nausea Chosen Soren
  609. Seven minutes of nausea Day Time T.V
  610. Seven minutes of nausea Blown it
  611. Seven minutes of nausea Ambidextrous Vegetarian
  612. Seven minutes of nausea Y-I
  613. Seven minutes of nausea Ted
  614. Seven minutes of nausea Reprocess
  615. Seven minutes of nausea Practice Mirror
  616. Seven minutes of nausea Fuck Head
  617. Seven minutes of nausea Stagger
  618. Seven minutes of nausea Buka
  619. Seven minutes of nausea Grey Settlement
  620. Seven minutes of nausea Milk Quota
  621. Seven minutes of nausea Low Cluster
  622. Seven minutes of nausea Lost Consonants
  623. Seven minutes of nausea Strange
  624. Seven minutes of nausea Deject
  625. Seven minutes of nausea Leytan Resistance
  626. Seven minutes of nausea Hard aussehen
  627. Seven minutes of nausea Sycophant Fanzine
  628. Seven minutes of nausea Corfu
  629. Seven minutes of nausea As it continues
  630. Seven minutes of nausea Re Plan
  631. Seven minutes of nausea Kurd-Ho
  632. Seven minutes of nausea Night Bus
  633. Seven minutes of nausea Glastonbury
  634. Seven minutes of nausea Dss Kowtour
  635. Seven minutes of nausea Reject
  636. Seven minutes of nausea Joes Keller
  637. Seven minutes of nausea Low Occupancy
  638. Seven minutes of nausea Durley
  639. Seven minutes of nausea Frestival
  640. Seven minutes of nausea Krawchuk Bridge
  641. Seven minutes of nausea Out of Date
  642. Seven minutes of nausea Fuck Noise
  643. Seven minutes of nausea Wahnsinn
  644. Seven minutes of nausea Return of SOD
  645. Seven minutes of nausea Cheurdet Beat
  646. Seven minutes of nausea Rotting
  647. Seven minutes of nausea Factory Town
  648. Seven minutes of nausea Foot in
  649. Seven minutes of nausea Primitiv Kaos
  650. Seven minutes of nausea Sao Black Paulo
  651. Seven minutes of nausea Jangled
  652. Seven minutes of nausea Erschöpft
  653. Seven minutes of nausea Denk an
  654. Seven minutes of nausea Damn Play
  655. Seven minutes of nausea Curative Labour
  656. Seven minutes of nausea Inland Revenue
  657. Seven minutes of nausea Stess Leave
  658. Seven minutes of nausea Entropy
  659. Seven minutes of nausea Bin Kure !!!!!
  660. Seven minutes of nausea Mail Order
  661. Seven minutes of nausea Non Violent Sit-In
  662. Seven minutes of nausea Dentist
  663. Seven minutes of nausea Crack Taint
  664. Seven minutes of nausea Saginaw
  665. Seven minutes of nausea Eco-Sensi Thump
  666. Iron Maiden Number of the Beast