Metal Club Mökä's bus tour to Wacken Open Air 2004

MCM's first bus tour to the legendary festival Wacken Open Air is over. The trip took 8 days, of which 5 were spent (at least partly) at the festival site. Some 40 persons took part, about half being members of the club and the rest recruited from elsewhere. We had tons of fun, no one got badly hurt, nothing major was stolen from anyone, so the trip was quite a success. There will most likely be a MCM bus tour to W:O:A part II next year!

excerpts of browser humor on the bus (mostly by Wictorey):

"Mail! Mail! Mail and Kill!"

"Biotech.. is Mozilla!"

"Whimps and browsers.. can leave the hall!"

Other pictures:
Poltsi's - (good) pictures of bands and some other ones too

Waiting for everybody to arrive to Pasila, which was our place of departure to Turku, where we continued to Stockholm/Sweden by boat.
Sun goes down, drunkenness goes up.
At the boat's bar
..and back in the bus the day after, making our way south through Sweden. Simo is a morning person.
Having arrived in Copenhagen, where we camped for the night.
Mikko resting
Drinking some at Hard Cock Cafe Copenhagen. The nearest thing to "hard rock" there was our loud voices.
And in the morning, off we go again. We spent the night at the terrace of the camping site watching porn on TV with very bad reception, drinking and yelling.
Our driver Julle.
Spanking sessions in the bus
WACKEN woohoo! We set up the tents in a flash and headed for the beer garden.
The Wacken Fire Department band was playing there
We stayed until sundown and then continued to the Headbangers tent for some Metal Karaoke ;)
Next morning. Esko drank half a bottle of votka for breakfast.
Heavy Metal Family, one of the coolest camps we saw.
The Lowenbrau Bier Garten in the morning on Thursday.
This year they even had 1L mugs. Awesome.
The soccer cup finals
Zodiac Mindwarp, the first band of the festival. Or maybe not.
Sunset over Wacken
The festival area at night
Back at the camp, waiting for Metal Karaoke / Metal Hammer party to start.
And then it did.
Orphanage. The biggest (and, well, only) good surprise act for me. I've never seen a singer smile that much while performing.
These guys might be Paragon.
The devil woman show in the Metal Market. Took me 4 years of going to W:O:A to see this. Photos by Maarit.
Hobb's Angel of Death from Australia, anyone?
On the DIO gig
Bal Sagoth. One of the bands I enjoyed the most on the festival.
Shitload of people with Cannibal Corpse performing in the back.
Lemon & co. enjoying the AC in the car. Wussies!
All the people & Hypocrisy in the back.
Hypocrisy's show was one of the most enjoyable ones.
Wictorey and his Im-going-to-puke-in-the-shower-on-the-way-back expression
view towards the main stages
Crowdsurfing started on the Helloween gig and just kept getting more and more hectic on the following Children of Bodom gig.
The pumpkin guys had Kai Hansen join them in the end of the show as a "suprise" guest. (I KNEW IT!!)
Children of Bodom
Some german having a ritualistic burndown on the last night of the festival.
The festival's over once again :/ Time to pack up and head for Rostock, where we made our boat by a nice 4 minute marginal.
Food, at LAST!
There was a regatta of old sailing boats in town that day.
What!! there was a killer beach just next to the harbor?! In 2002 we waited 7.5 hours in the terminal for our boat to depart.. aaargh
Tiredness on the deck
People gathered to watch Poltsi's pictures
Later in the boat's bar
Ready to start the trip back through Sweden. We'd drive all night and get on the boat back to Finland departing at 0800.
Mikko & Andreas getting back to the basics
Our group, having arrived in Turku. Photo by Julle.
Home at last! Unpacking the bus at Leppavaara station.
Kahis, our gruppenfuhrer.
The bravest of us continued still to have a few in Tinuri terrace.
Here it is, then -- see you next year WACKEN!