Metal Club Mökä 5v - Dinner @ Cantina West

After the party open for the public we had a more or less night's sleep and headed back out. This time it was dinner for registered attendees from inside our club. A total of 38 came, and despite some left quite early, we had a good time discussing things past and to come. After the dinner we headed to Tavastia to see some more live music and Finnish Metal Awards (which didn't prove very fruitful - luckily the bands were good).

The following people attended:

Matti Dahlbom Riikka Haasanen Timo Friman Ville Likitalo Mia Lehtola Juha Karjalainen Thomas Sandvik Jenniina Riekki Simo Sarkka Miika Jarvenpaa Tapio Keihanen Henrik Suomalainen Tomi Korpela Markku Suokko + avec Johanna Kallio + avec Timo Hatamo Ville Friman Tuomo Sorvari Henrik Kahanpää + avec Toni Poikonen Veera Ala-Keturi Erkki-Juhani Lämsä Antti Huovilainen Jussi Knuuttila Sampsa Jaatinen + avec + avec + avec Mikko Luusalo + avec Mika Helminen Baris Boyvat Riku Lehto H-P Poikonen Kimmo Kokkila

Aperitives before the dinner..
Everyone seemed to enjoy the food, which was spicy as ever, making all the beer and sangria very useful.
First band at Tavastia: Moonsorrow!
M. Ollila announcing the winner of the first categories. I don't really remember the categories as the winner of each were pretty predictable, and the "nominees" weren't the best possible ones. The People has spoken. On the left is Miikka Sikkilä, through whom we organized the performance of Ensiferum in our Gloria Metallo -party some time back.
Second band of the evening, Machine Men - the winner of the newcomer of the year (?) -award. Decent Ironish Maidenish heavy metal, but nothing special there.
Announcing more winners..
The third band, Thunderstone.
After Thunderstone, there was still one band left (Mokoma) but I had sent my camera home already, since I had just been to a Mokoma gig. Shame, though, since Klaus Flaming appeared on the stage. The far the best part of the awards thing.