Metal Club Mökä 5v - 1826 Days of Suffering

The celebration of Metal Club Mökä 5th birthday took place in Stella Star Club. Almost 400 people attended. We had printed 50 copies of the famous Helsinki Goat City shirt in long-sleeve versions for the occasion, and they sold very nicely also. We had a great time! A big thanks to every one who came, this was a big deal for us, and a result of months of planning.

Girls organizing the shirt sale.
Pre-open refreshments.
Bands putting their gear together. The soundchecks took something like 4.5hours due to missing cooperation from the club's staff's side.
Thomas + Jensku taking the first turn in ticket sale.
More people arrived.
Poltsi being his usual self.
Pikametallimiehet -representation arrived. And of course, poltsi in the back.
First band of the evening: Violet Halo
Second band of the evening: Battlelore! Their fantastic Tolkien -influenced music was very catchy, and the crowds went wild. They had the most audience of all the bands the whole evening.
Third band of the evening, Silentium had a violist with them. It sounded very nice backed up with double bass drum ;)
Back at the MCM -table things started to heat up..
..and up..
..and up..
..and up..
..and up..
..and up.
Some group photos of us drunk bastards
Final act of the evening: Dreamtale! I had been waiting for their gig for years, and it proved to be worth the wait. After the rocky start (trouble with sound levels for a change) their show really hit the spot.
They seemed to enjoy it too. The loud audience (or the front rows at least) knew all the lyrics, se the mic troubles never bothered me that much :) All in all, a great show guys.