Metal Club Mökä Goes To Tallinn I

As a result of a drun^H^H^H^Hrandom idea, we gathered some people from the active ranks and headed out to visit Tallinn's heavy nightlife -- or at least to see if any exists.

Juha and Kahis checking out the duty free catalog in the boat's bar on the way there.
Jensku feeling seasick and thomas keeping her company.
Having lunch after arrival.
In between stuff we went bowling. We'd been sitting in the HD Bar for some hours and the touch to sports wasn't that good, but we boewled on for some 45minutes..
Pizzeria with funny name.
Made it to HR Tanker which was supposed to be the heavy joint in town. Unfortunately it was taken over that night by some dumb-and-basser technoheads. So we moved on..
At dinnertime, somebody put something in my drink. Some kind of crazyjuice I think it was.
Or maybe it was the hat?
Definitely the hat.
After suffering a minor setback at Tanker, we followed the advise of a friendly bartender down at the HD Bar and went to see a live show. This place was called the Guitar Safari, a very cosy middlesize bar somewhere in the old town.
The beer was inexpensive and good, so why not have a few more..
..and more..
..and more :)
Kahis the Pahis - the only one of use inspected by the customs on the way home.
Planning for the next move, which would turn out quite what we expected..
In the meanwhile Thomas gave a live performance of his own. Mikaaaas siina..
Notice the number of drinks each person has :-) Go Juha..
Tha band played bluesy rock.
I was a bit slow with camera, but let me tell you, this woulda been a really nice picture had I got a frontal shot.
The music was getting heavier towards the end of the gig, or maybe it was the drinks, but I started to enjoy it a lot.
(as well as the audience)
Back at the table..
A quickie tango or something before preparing to leave..
But we had yet another round.
The gang, happy as kids on Christmas. I recall not what was taking place. The evening continued from here undocumented, but let's just say some chess-playing and arm wrestling took place in a weird underground bar. We were trying to get to this other place where people said a heavier band was playing, but we never got there. Also I personally got lost after another trip to the THD Bar, being tossed out, trying to get to yet another bar with some local people and shit.. at some point I pulled over a cab and headed for our Lodging at the Express hotel.
But hell, back at our base, the crowd were still up too, drinking some more. So well, I opened a can and joined them.
Iiro's attempt to call someone with the floor phone failed miserably. All glory for a brave try, though.
We moved to the lounge in downstairs, but tiredness was building up and soon went to bed.
Our camp on the boat back home.
Thomas destroyed his hard earned souvenirs.
The owner of this pair of feet wasn't thrilled about it.

Well, that about concludes it, so -- until the next time..