Hevay is the way!

The traditional Tuska PreParty is held in rantasauna on Thursday 28th of June at 6pm.
Please remember to join also the Mökä's Tuska Crew and earn your tickets to the Tuska festival (more info about that later). 

Afterwappu is held in rantasauna on Friday 18th of May starting approximately at 6pm. Welcome!

Days are getting longer and brighter, which obviously means there's even more time to be gloomy. Our sauna event will be held in Ossinsauna at Otakaari 18 at 6pm with all the good stuff, as usual. You may bring your own easter eggs.

On Friday the magnificent 13th of April PreWappu sauna is held in Otakaari 20 starting around 6pm. Come!

At the beginning of the event we will hold the Metal Club Mökäs annual meeting. After that evening continues as normal sauna event with sauna and metal and bit of food and punch. Everybody is welcome even if you miss the meeting. Place : Rooftop sauna, Jämeräntaival 3A at 18.00.
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