Hevay is the way!
At the beginning of the event we will hold the Metal Club Mökäs annual meeting. After that evening continues as normal sauna event with sauna and metal and bit of food and punch. Everybody is welcome even if you miss the meeting. Place : Rooftop sauna, Jämeräntaival 3A at 18.00.
We're are going to start Mökäs 20th anniversary with basic sauna event in OK18 Ossinsauna. We have punch, food, metal and of course Sauna.

Mökä’s official election sauna will be held on 24th of November at Rooftop sauna, Jämeräntaival 3 A, 6pm.

We start with the official election where the new board — year of the 20th anniversary — will be chosen. As a member of Mökä it is possible to stand out, and also apply for the positions, be there on time. If you are not member, just join! For the participants of the meeting Mökä is serving free beverages — limited amount though.
FB Event: www.facebook.com/events/122727701727458/

After the election we continue the evening in sauna and just hanging out as usual. So come still to spend your precious time in there.

Mökä’s Facebook site: www.facebook.com/MetalClubMoka/
Join us: www.mcmoka.fi/index.php/liity-jaeseneksi

At OK20 - Otakaari 20 -sauna. More info soon.

Under Jolly Roger!

Mökä's traditional afterparty of the Academic Heavy Cruise is here. Party is arranged 3rd of November at Otakaari 20 starting around 6pm (free entrance).
Bring your own rom even though Mökä is serving some random drinks and snacks. And again: You can join the afterparty even if you have skipped the cruise.
It is possible also to stay the night (floor) for the cost of 5 € paid in cash upon arrival (no need to sign up in advance, bring your own equipments for accommodation and the sauna as well).


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