Hevay is the way!

25.1. January Sauna

The new year has started and it is time for Mökä's January sauna event at Ossi's Sauna (Otakaari 18). As usual, there will be some food, punch, sauna and good music of course. All new and old faces are welcome to join us!

22.2. Annual meeting + Sauna

The winter seems gloomy and endless, but Metal Club Mökä is here to help you get through it! We are hosting the next regular sauna event on Friday 22.2 at Ossinsauna (Otakaari 18). So don’t forget your towel and good spirits, since some food, booze and nice company will be provided.

Also the annual club meeting will be held at the sauna. So if you were always wondering how this dark sacrament is going – this is your chance to spy through the keyhole. The meeting will begin at 18:00 and last for an hour or so. See you there!

29.3. March Sauna

Here's to everybody who feels cold this spring: Metal Club Mökä is here to warm you in our embrace (and probably burn you to ash). We're holding the sauna event at Gorsu 29.03.2019 and it's also a perfect chance to check out the place after renovation. So take your towel and have a good time with us! As usual, some food, punch and good music will be provided.

19.4. April's Gig Night

During this year's "Good Friday", Metal Club Mökä will be offering the heaviest Wappu pre-party in Otaniemi as this "wappu-calyptic" spectacle will bring three (3) hard-hitting heavy metal bands to perform live at the OUBS studio. The studio is located in the basement of Jämeräntaival 1 and you can enter by the front door of the building or the door in the Otakaari 20 side parking lot.

After the gigs, the pre-wappu partying will continue at the Rantasauna, where infernal sauna rites will take place as well.

Event is free and open to everyone!


Rising from the Swedish underground metal scene, Mumincunt are a vulgar Moomin-themed black metal phenom from Uppsala, Sweden. The band released their second full length album "Offerskogens Hjärta" in last December and will perform their first gig in Finland in this event.

The thrash metal pride of Kotka, Apocrypth, will return to the stage after a few year hiatus. You can expect a tight dose of merciless and tight thrash metal mayhem from these guys, which is definitely not worth missing out on.

Rolling fresh out of the Keravian woods is Elvenscroll, who will also entertain during the night with their traditional and heroic style of folk and power metal.

10.5. AfterWappu

(More info later)

27.6. Tuska Preparty

(More info later)

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