Hevay is the way!
Let's have the November sauna and also conveniently; election for the next year's board of Mökä. You’ll receive the official invitation soon, but come to give your vote (members of AYY) and see who are going to be those magnificent new and active members. You can also sign up for the election and become one! Election meeting starts at 6 pm and last about one hour.

If for some weird reason you are not interested to participate the election, you are very welcome to come and wash your sins and shame in the rooftop sauna, Durring the election Mökä is also serving some beer. See you there!

Location: Avainsauna, Otaranta 8 E, top floor (We haven't been to this sauna space before so now is a good opportunity to check this place out.)

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/290577921667377/
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