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If you want to contact Mökä, the best way is to use our board email list: hallitus [at] mcmoka [dot] fi

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Email lists

Mökä has 4 different email lists for different purposes:

members: jasenet [at] mcmoka [dot] fi

actives: aktiivit [at] mcmoka [dot] fi

the board: hallitus [at] mcmoka [dot] fi

floorball: salibandy [at] mcmoka [dot] fi

(spam shields, replace [at] -> @ and [dot] ->.)

The largest list is the member list which includes (almost) all the club members, that is approximately 800 people. The list is used to announce Mökä events and other matters concerning all members. The list is moderated, so there won't be ads, spam or other junk (so don't try to sell your refrigerator or gig tickets there). Recommeneded for all members! Usually only a handful of emails are sent to this list monthly, so your inbox won't be flooded.

The actives list is smaller, containing approximately 280 people. It is moderated more loosely and is more unofficial. We recommend to try it in the beginning of your membership - there are no obligations to do anything, you can unsubscribe later and there will usually be only another handful of emails monthly. Anyone can send metal themed emails freely to this list. You can e.g. announce other events and gigs, find company for gigs and their pre-parties, sell tickets, share gig experiences with others, arrange carpools to festivals and so on. Some light moderation might be used. Mökä's board will also use this list for more unofficial matters, for example reminders of sauna evenings. The list won't accept attachments, so if you want to send images or files, use links.

The board list includes Mökä's board members and officials. This is the number one contact address for Mökä. Contact us if you have questions concerning e.g. Mökä's activities or how to navigate to events. Some answers to frequently asked questions can be found in the FAQ. This is also the channel to use if you have a band and want to play in a Mökä-arranged gig.

The floorball list is the smallest list and it is moderated by other people than the other lists. It is used to announce matters concerning Mökä's floorball activities, and occasionally some other sports.

You can subscribe or unsubscribe the email lists on the Your membership information page using the links "jäsenlista" (members list) and "aktiivilista" (actives list) which direct you to AYY's email system. The lists are not connected to the Mökä member register, so you must join them separately.

Instructions for new members

1. Join Mökä on Membership.

2. Log in using the email and password you just gave.

3. Links "Jäsenlista" (members list)and "Aktiivilista" (actives list) direct you to AYY's Mailman-system. If you want to join both lists, you have to do following steps once for both lists.

4. Fill in your email, name and password in the fields in "Subscribing to [list name]". Pick a language and click "Subscribe".

5. You should get a confirmation email. Click the confirmation link, if one is given.

6. If you want to edit your list settings, log in on Mailman list info page (find Moka-jas or Moka-akt) with the email and password you gave. (Follow instructions below)

Instructions for existing members

Jos haluat liittyä listalle jossa et vielä ole, sovella ylläolevia ohjeita. Jos haluat poistua listalta tai muokata listaan liittyviä asetuksia, noudata kohtia 1-3 Mailman-järjestelmään pääsemiseen asti. Tämän jälkeen:

1. Kirjoita sähköpostiosoitteesi (se, johon listamailit tulevat) "Unsubscribe or edit options" -napin viereen ja paina ko. nappia.

2. Jos haluat erota listalta, paina "Unsubscribe"-nappia ja klikkaa sinulle tulevan mailin vahvistuslinkkiä.

3. Jos haluat muokata asetuksiasi, syötä salasanasi "Password"-kohtaan, jolloin pääset katselemaan asetuksia (esim. listapostien paketointi, kieliasetukset, valinta saatko kopion omista posteistasi).

4. Jos et ole saanut tai muista salasanaasi, tilaa se alimmasta napista ja mailin saatuasi jatka edellisten kohtien mukaan.

Miksi en saa posteja vaikka olen liittynyt jäseneksi?

Uusia jäseniä ei automaattisesti lisätä postituslistoille jäseneksiliittymislomakkeen täyttämisen jälkeen. Jos haluat saada Mökän jäsen- tai aktiivilistojen postit, yläpuolelta löytyy ohjeet miten listoille liitytään. Jos et ole varma oletko liittynyt jo listalle jollain vanhalla mailiosoitteella tai olet muuten hukassa, mailaa hallitukselle ja selitä ongelmasi.


Mökä's official Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/MetalClubMoka. Like the page and get our event notifications. The older Facebook group "MC Mökä" is updated less frequently.

News group tky.alayhd.moka

We have still our own group in our university's old news groups, and our info gets relayed there, too. kyla.alayhd.moka. The group isn't maintained actively.

IRC: !mcmoka

Mökä has also an IRCnet channel !mcmoka. They can be used with e.g. web-irc-pages kapsi.fi, ircnet.org or urli.net, if you don't/can't use desktop irc (e.g. mirc, irssi). Use channel !mcmoka, pick a nickname, and use network IRCnet. IRC is not an official info channel, but some actives still use it. Ask about Mökä things or just chat about whatever. We use our real names on the channel, so we hope that guests also have their real name in the realname-field. Behave yourself, if you want to stay on the channel.


This website is the best information source about Mökä and its history and activity. The member login, which can be used to edit member details, is also here. The site is physically on an AYY's server.

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