Hevay is the way!

Hello, this is Tuskan Ruhtinas Henrik.

It’s time to gather our muscle might and head to Suvilahti!

The Tuska metal festival needs Mökä’s working force again. There’s even some new available shifts (Tue-Wed stage assembly). As usual, every shift is rewarded with a 3-day ticket to Tuska (worth 139€ and up). In addition, you can see what’s happening behind the stage, and you help Mökä financially. The Tuska cooperation ensures that Mökä can arrange events and gigs also in the future.

Tuska will be held again in Suvilahti, Helsinki on 28th June – 30th June. The first shifts are on Tuesday 25th June and the last on Monday 1st July. The shifts are roughly as follows:

Stage assembly (splitted shift):

- Tuesday 25th June evening (16:00-22:00) + Wednesday 26th June evening (16:00-22:00), 6-10 people

Tech assembly and disassembly helpers (splitted shifts):

- Wednesday 26th June evening (17:00-21:00) + Sunday 30th June evening (22:00-02:00), 4 people

- Thursday 27th June morning (09:00-13:00) + Sunday 30th June evening (22:00-02:00), 4 people

Festival day stagehands:

- Friday 28th June (09:00-01:00), 10 people

- Saturday 29th June (08:00-02:00), 10 people

- Sunday 30th June (09:30-23:00), 10 people

Monday general disassembly:

- Monday 1st July (09:00-evening), 12 people (the shift ends when everything is done)

NOTE! The exact times may still change. The possible schedule changes will be communicated as soon as possible.

The splitted Tue+Wed shift contains festival stage assembly. The splitted Wed+Sun and Thu+Sun shifts contain assembly and disassembly of the stage tech (lights, sound) with the professional stage workers. The stagehands will carry the stuff of the bands between the gig bus and the stage + other small tasks given by the stagemanagers. When you do your job swiftly and properly, there’s usually time left to listen to the gigs. On Monday the task is to disassemble the festival area with other Tuska crew. On Monday, after the shift there will be sauna and a small relaxing party for all the workers from all shifts. Info about that later.

Tuska provides food for us, so no worries about that. Mind though that the stagehand shifts are very long, so some snacks of your own are recommended if needed. The work is physical, but it should be doable regardless of physique or gender. The right attitude is king! Alcohol is strictly forbidden during the shifts, and so is arriving to the shift when drunk/hangover. Photographing is forbidden in the backstage. Remember that you represent Metal Club Mökä, so be responsible and behave yourselves!


Because the need for workforce is great also this year, I hope that as many of you as possible can attend. If too many of you want the same shift, I will prioritize the selection according to previous Tuska working experience, Mökä activity, sign up order and my will. We will need both experienced workers and new faces, so don’t hesitate to sign up even if you are new!

The sign up link:



I will answer to the sign ups all at once, when I have done the selection. So don’t worry if you don’t get an answer immediately. If anything is unclear, email me.

That’s all, see you in Suvilahti!


Henrik Romppainen

Metal Club Mökä | Tuskan Ruhtinas

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